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Conservative Values Are More Than Words to Travis Ransom


Pass balanced budget amendment

and get our nation out of debt.


Travis is a Member of the NRA and supports Constitutional Carry


Rebuild our economy and hold China accountable for the COVID-19 pandemic


Texas Roots, Conservative Values

As mayor of his East Texas hometown, Travis Ransom lives and leads by our shared conservative principles.  Unlike most, Travis refused to raise taxes. Travis cut government waste, combined departments to save money, removed 80 blighted structures, and ensured a 6-month cash reserve - all in just 3 years.


Stands with Trump

& the GOP

Travis stands with President Trump and is running to drain the swamp AND ensure our area’s values and priorities are reflected in the law. Travis took an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution and believes elected officials should follow the Republican Party Platform. We can count on Travis to defend our Texas conservative values.


Christian Values

Travis’s greatest source of pride is his family where he and his wife Emily strive to live by teachings of Christ.  Every Sunday morning, Travis, Emily and their three kids Coyt (21), Lucy (12) and Anna (8) walk to Sunday service at First Baptist Church in Atlanta, where they have been life long members.


Protecting our Nation

From being an Eagle Scout to a Command Sergeant Major in the U.S. Army Reserve, Travis has always served others with honor and integrity. Travis is personally responsible for an Expeditionary Military Intelligence Battalion with over 360 assigned intelligence Soldiers and has led vital counterintelligence operations to protect our nation in an era of persistent conflict.  Travis knows we must fight to protect our liberty each and every day – or we will lose it.